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    Making PF2 monsters & Damage autoroll


    I'm currently running Curse of the Crimson Throne in 2E with my group and I have to convert NPCs and a lot of the monsters. The issue I'm facing is that when I type their to-hit and damage bonus, I can't get FG to autoroll those numbers on-click like the community Bestiary does. Also, I don't know how to specify number of actions next to the attack either.

    I've been able to circumvent this by making a copy of a level-appropriate monster and changing as needed, but how would I do this if I wanted to start from scratch?

    Many thanks!

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    Make sure you use the same format as the Bestiary, especially the parantheses. If it still doesn't work, feel free to ask.

    Action symbols: Link (be aware of Classic/Unity differences)

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    Welcome to the FG forums MihaiS!

    [email protected]_ mentions - make sure you're using the same format as the PF2 creature statblocks.

    Also, you can add the action symbol (currently only in FG Classic) but these are just for visual effect, to make them look like the Paizo statblocks. In theory, a standard attack will always be one Strike action.
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