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    Lfg 1 player sat or sun evenings 5e

    Brand new to Fantasy Grounds. Looking for a group to play with short/long term. I am fairly new to TTRPG, although I have been a huge fan for decades. I love all aspects of the game, from deep political intrigue, to gritty deep dungeon battles against unspeakable horrors. I eventually plan on becoming a DM as time moves on and I get familiar with this medium.

    I am available to play mainly Saturday evening or Sunday evening. Although I might have a weekday slot somewhere.

    I have a FGU Ultimate license
    I do have a Discord Account for voice.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Hey there! if you are still looking for a group me my cousin and friend are looking for someone. we meet mainly on Saturday evenings, we do voice chat over discord which we can add you in if you'd be interested! We all are not experts at DND but weve done a couple campaigns together and are always looking for more people to join us. I will say that we are super committed to running campaigns and we try to meet up every Saturday.

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