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    Cleric Doamins from Advanced Player's Guide

    Sorry if this is a repeat question. I did some searching and didn't find anything.

    I have a player who is trying to add a domain to her cleric's abilities from the Advanced Player's Guide. Neither she nor I can drag and drop it onto the Class Abilities list of her character sheet. Is that by design, or is it a bug?

    Are Clerics the only class subject to this issue?

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    I am assuming you mean the PF module. I tested the functionality using the above resource and was able to create a cleric with the air domain. The Advanced Player's Guide didn't seem to have any domains besides sub-domains that I could find and those were not available to add to the character sheet. I was able to get this done by adding the domain from the special abilities list to the character sheet to add the domain. To populate the class features, I simply drag n dropped the class to the sheet. A work around to add sub-domains would be to create a new class ability entry and enter in the information by hand for now till it can be looked over.

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