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Thread: Heal - 3 Rounds

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    Heal - 3 Rounds

    Is there a way in FG to automate some aspects of the 3 action heal?

    Meaning with a button target all creatures in 30'
    If the target is undead do damage otherwise heal

    I know there is an IFT effect but it doesn't look like that has an E(lese) attached to it.


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    Yeah no else on the IF. You would have to do Living and undead as two different buttons. You can target all friendly and all unfriendly with the icons at the top of the map. Or just use the selection icon to select the NPC's 30ft around you
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    We have used this as well. Target all ones you want to heal > hit the heal button.. presto healed and than I have the cleric target all undead and hit the dmg (positive) energy button. Its two steps but works.

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    Also don't forget you can use the icons on the map to target all allies (presumably outside of combat) or enemies (assuming there are no undead PCs).

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