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    Transfer to another computer...and back

    Hi all,
    I have been using FGC for a year or two for a VTT setup. I backed the KS and upgraded to ultimate FGU. Just some background.

    It turns out that my laptop is having issues (avoid buying the HP Spectre 360) and has to be sent back to HP. My buddy has offered me a laptop to use in the mean time (best friend ever).

    I think with FGC it was possible to download the program to different computers, as long as FGC was not running on more than one machine at a time. Is that the case for FGU?

    Is it possible to just copy and paste the data from one computer to the other? Will I have any difficulty shifting to a new computer for a few weeks while my HP gets a makeover?

    Any advice for doing this? Thanks!

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    When migrating to another computer, I only needed to backup and transfer the campaign folder and any third party extensions/modules that I did not get from the SmiteWorks store. You will and should go through the normal install process on the new computer and input the license key as if it was a fresh install. This will download and update all of your purchases on the new computer. Then just copy in the campaign folder and those third party extensions/modules to their proper folders.
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    Thanks superteddy! Doesn't sound too bad.

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    I'm having a problem installing FGU on the new computer. Or rather, the install went ok, but when I put in the license key, it says that it is invalid. It worked on my other machine. Is it a one-time only thing? Do you have any suggestions for me?

    Also, I used the license key from the Kickstarter, which I had upgraded recently...I think that is the only license key I was given.

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    Make sure that you grab your key from your Order History page, and directly copy and paste it into the Settings:

    The correct one for FGU for your account should start with "HRA".


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    Is there a link to a you tube tutorial on this lol?

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    Right at the top of this very forum STORE->ORDER HISTORY->Licenses (does not show licenses purchased through Steam)
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