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    How to sum dice in chat window?

    I feel rather foolish for not being able to figure this out, even after searching the forums.

    How do I get manual dice entries (whether by rolling 3D dice or entering the /die command) to display the sum of the dice rolled? I can do it with the /dmg command, but that has its own problems when dealing with the players.

    I thought that I could use the "display sum" feature when right clicking on the results in the chat window, but nothing seems to happen when I do that. I'm not sure how it would know which dice to sum in any event.

    No doubt I am missing something rather obvious. Thanks for your help.


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    I figured it out (was not obvious, that is for sure).

    1. In the options, turn off "Dice: Desktop Dice Can Ace" (otherwise, the /dmg would work just fine)
    2. /die {expression} (lets say you are adding a d6 and a d8 - so it would be /die 1d6 + 1d8. Or you could do /die 3d6 and it would do 3d6 each die separately).
    3. With the acing off, it should have all the results together in one "bubble" in the chat. Right click on this bubble and you gets some options - one is "=", which is sum. It will then also display the sum in the bubble with the die results.

    Interestingly enough, this does not work if you want the dice to ace. With the acing on, it makes each die its own thing so that you cannot sum them. Thus, the /dmg is how you would do acing dice.

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    Thank you for your advice. It was most helpful.

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    You are quite welcome! It forced me to figure it out and play more with the chat functions.

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