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    Are modules compatible with both FG versions? (when migrating from Classic to Unity)


    I've a Ultimate FG Classic subscription and I purchased the Lost Mine of Phandelver module.

    In case my group and I move to FG unity, is my LMoP module still valid with the unity version or should I purchase a Unity-specific module?

    Additional question: is that possible to export character sheets from FG classic to FG Unity? (I've used some macros to export/import character sheets from DnDBeyond to FG Classic, so I'm pretty confident there's a solution here).

    Thanks you.

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    Yes, you module is still valid in Unity

    And yes you can export characters from FGC to Unity. There's no facility to import from DnD Beyond into FG.
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    That's great.

    And thank you for the prompt reply.

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    There is a thrid party tool for converting DDB characters to FG characters. See;

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordEntrails View Post
    There is a thrid party tool for converting DDB characters to FG characters. See;
    The tool does work, but is not perfect. I used it the other day and had to tweek a few things, so double check if you do use it.

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    Yes, I've used and I've seen a couple of errors/things to fix but all in all this tool is really usefull.

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