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    (5E)LFP: Decent into Avernus-New players welcome

    Preliminary spots for this game are filled.. if anything opens up I will repost

    FG License:Standard(sorry no demo players)
    Game System: 5E

    Time Zone: EST
    Day of week and time: Sundays 6:30pm - 10:30pm
    If new game, planned start date: April 5th, 2020
    Planned Duration & Frequency: Weekly games, 2-3 hour sessions(TBD)
    Term: At least through the entire Module (levels 1-13) option to continue

    Text or Voice: Voice is a must, typing sucks(english)
    Voice software used: Discord
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? NO

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 50/50
    Number of Players in game & needed: Looking for at least 4, and up to 6 players
    Character starting level & equipment: Level 1(plus one free feat) Rolled abilities(4d6 drop lowest) And Anything from the following addons will be legal: Sword coast/Avernus/Xanathars/Mordekains

    Character restrictions: I do not allow evil aligned player characters

    Details of your scenario: Decent into Avernus. The Hero's will start in baldur's gate and end up travelling to hells in this epic campaign.

    Hey everyone,

    I have been a DM since 2nd edition, but I am new to fantasy grounds and this will be my first time running a game here. looking for 4-6 players to run the entire Baldurs gate module, this group will be on weekends sat and/or sun depending on players needs. New player and LGBT friendly, I have a lot of experience teaching DnD to new players.

    If you are interested, send me a message or respond with the following information:

    Experience with DnD and/or FG: (you do not need any, this is just to see where I will need to start)
    Favorite Race/Class: (I like to have players in a comfortable role to them in parties, if you do not have any experience then just say what you find interesting)
    Anything else you think is relevant:
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    i would love to play this i have Saturdays free and Sunday after 6pm est looking forward to your response sent you a PM
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    I would also like to be included in this I'm looking for a new group. I have classic FG with Ultimate License...are you running that or Unity?
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    Perfect, I've sent you a dm with the requested information.

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    I have narrowed time down to SUN 6:30pm-10:30pm est
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    Would love to join. Is this Classic or Unity? I only have Unity. I cannot get port forward to work on my network.

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    NM, just saw that it was standard (classic). Thanks.

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    I would not mind joining in, I'm not free till about 7:00 on Sunday or so though. I have FG Ultimate license for Classic and Unity.

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    Do you still have open spots? Would love to join

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