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    Unisystem (Buffy)


    is there a rulesystem for Unisystem I could use for running a Buffy campaign?
    I found some very old links but nothing I could use so far.

    Thanks a lot.

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    I've got an old Conspiracy X ruleset than might suit. It's full Unisystem rather than cinematic.
    Using Ultimate license - that means anyone can play.
    Valarian's Fantasy Grounds Rulesets

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    I am happy with everthing close. I will take a look at that. Thanks. The sice system? It is d10 plus something.

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    Sadly Conspiracy x does not run. It produces a html error when starting FG unity:
    "Ruleset info Load (EdenConX): An XML comment cannot contain '--', and '-' cannot be the last character. line 2, position 3
    MoreCore looks great but it is way to complicated for me. I don't know where to start with it.
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    I would also be interested in running Buffy and Angel RPG in FGU. I'm trying to figure out if there is any easy way to get cinematic Unisystem running.

    It's a pretty rules-light system, but getting the character sheets setup and tracking combat would be nice.

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    I just found this thread

    if thats the only xml error thats coming up then it should be quite an easy fix on the ruleset. Im not the ruleset creator but ill have a little look into it, but with the way things seem to load this might just be the first of many errors or it could be the only one, the error notification normally just gets flagged at the first issue.

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    From having a quick glance, the initial comment in all of the XML files had a repeating error to do with too many "-" having removed the extra "-" and then moving the comment to the very end of each xml, this allowed the ruleset to load. once in the ruleset test campaign the next problem is with fonts. I believe this is to do with FG unity having a slight difference in the way fonts are used and noted within the coding.

    running the ruleset on FG classic allows the ruleset to load and doesnt give the font errors.

    Im not sure on the mechanics used within this ruleset. but the couple test dice roles from the character sheet seemed to work within FG classic

    for FG unity the font error is beyond me but i have attached my updated copy of the ruleset with the initial comment error fixed
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