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    PFS2: Scenario 1: 31MAR2020 @8PM EST // 01APR2020 @8PM UTC

    My usual group of DND 5E group is looking to expand and try out PF2E. We are looking to explore this option with new and veteran players alike. If you are a new player and would like to use a pregenerated character please let me know and I will send you the appropriate information. In game dice will be used, but I will expect you to have a physical character sheet rather than programming your character into FG. Please send me a PM with your experience with PF2E/other TTRPGs!

    Voice: Required over Discord.
    Age: 18+
    GM Timezone: EST
    GM License: Ultimate
    FG Programmed Character: Not Required

    Time: 31 March 2020 @8PM EST // 01 APR 2020 @1200AM UTC

    Ruleset: Pathfinder 2E, Pathfinder Society
    Time Allotment: Plan for four and a half hours as many of the players will be new (As well as as the GM)

    Information Required (can be sent in a direct message)
    Player Name:
    Organized Play ID/Character ID:
    Character Name:
    Current XP:
    Current GP:
    Current Fame:

    Quest Information

    The Absalom Initiation
    A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1–4 (Subtiers 1–2 and 3–4).

    A new era is beginning for the Pathfinder Society, with new recruits and new factions all excited to build connections and embark on grand adventures. The PCs are among these recruits invited to attend a welcoming party where they can meet both the old guard as well as the up-and-coming leaders. But the party's not all talk; the PCs learn of four exciting escapades in Absalom, through which they can kick off their adventuring careers!

    Written by Lyz Liddell.

    Calendar invite found HERE
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    Registered with my monk !

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    I'm up for it. Will probably have my ranger at level 2 by then.
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    I'd be interested! signing up now, talking to you as we speak.

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