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    Fantasy Grounds, Steam and modules


    I'm been considering Fantasy Grounds for quite some time, but just recently started actually using it. I've bought Fantasy Ground through steam, including a lot of the books.

    1) Can I play Fantasy Grounds without logging in through steam?
    1.1) Will I still have access to the books I bought, which was through Steam

    2) If I buy stuff for Fantasy Grounds outside of Steam, do I have access to that if I log on through Steam?

    One reason I ask is because I've seen Twohy (??) made some coding packs, which I'd like. But I can't find them on Steam store, so I imagine I have to buy them outside of Steam.

    Thanks in advance

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    1) Yes. Steam is just a wrapper/pointer. Either just create a shortcut to the fantasygrounds.exe use the installer from here. (but don't install both through Steam and FG website).
    1.1) Yes, link your Steam account; https://www.fantasygrounds.com/store...eamAccount.xcp

    2) Yes. Because once you launch FG, from Steam or not, you are in FG and it will get your content based upon your Steam account sync and your FG account.

    Rob's stuff is not available on Steam (only FG Store stuff is available on Steam). Rob's stuff is sold through the DMsGuild.com. It can be manually installed into your /modules folder.

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