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    Wildcard and Minions on same card?

    Hi All,
    I was wondering if anyone could point me to if there is a way to put a wildcard and his minions on the same card pull for the combat tracker, in line with what is described on P. 92 of the SWADE rules. BTW, I am using the SWADE ruleset. Any thoughts? Also, in case it matters, I am on FGU, though I haven't seen mention of it previously.


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    In the Combat Tracker, grab the link icon of the extra and drag it to the button on the Wildcard that looks like 3 people standing together. It will then nestle under it. You can pull them out of the group by grabbing the link icon and dragging it to white-space in the combat tracker. So you can easily break apart and put groups together (especially as Extras dwindle ). Note all entries have the group icon, so you can put an entries together regardless of extra or not.

    See attached screenshots.
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    @amerigoV, thanks so much. The screenshots were super helpful!

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    You are quite welcome!

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