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    5e D&D rest rules regarding spell slots for each class

    Hello all,

    I recently began DMing again with a group of friends online using FG. The last couple of weeks have been wonderful. The first week was a lesson for us all in using the software and relearning D&D since most of us were more familiar with 3.5 and earlier rule versions. D&D 5e isn't a bad edition at all and I like it, but I am having trouble finding the exact rules regarding the recovery of spell slots for each class. When I google the question online, I fairly consistently find the answer to be that warlocks recover all the spell slots after a short rest while all others are after a long rest. However, I can't technically find the answer in my modules that I have purchased online from Steam for FG.

    I have both the DM guide, Player's Handbook, and Monster's Manual all for FG (and other modules for various other purposes). I see in Chapter 8 under "Resting" of the Player's Handbook about recovering of hitpoints but nothing about spellslots.

    Can someone clarify this for me or even better steer me to the correct location so I can read about it in my purchased modules?

    The best answer I felt I could find came from reddit (of course, heh)

    druids, bard, clerics, rangers, paladins, eldrich knights, arcane tricksters: long rest

    warlock: short rest

    druid(land), wizard: long rest + 1 short rest partial recovery

    sorcerer: long rest + spells up to level 5 with a bonus action using sorcery points (table in PHB) sorcery points also recover on long rest +4 every short rest when you get sorcerous recovery.
    Thanks all for your help


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    You need to look at the Spellcasting trait for each class. In general, all spell slots recharge on a long rest. Some classes have abilities (like Arcane Recovery, Spell Points, etc) that allow some or all of their spell slots to recharge on a short rest.

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    Hi redhand, welcome to FG.

    Note that Fantasy Grounds automatically recovers spell slots for each class when they take an appropriate rest.

    For the Arcane recovery feature the player would need to do that manually.

    For sorcery points create an action in the actions tab and use preparation mode to set the number of those and the recovery period, and again FG will refresh these when the correct rest is taken.
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    Thank you all. I appreciate your help


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