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    Using Modules with Unity

    Hello everyone. So I just upgraded my account to Unity and I am really excited to start playing. I had recently purchased some modules (Tasha's Kiss to be precise) from DriveTruRPG and was running an adventure on Classic. I tried moving the module over to Unity but it is not showing up when I go into the Library. I put the MOD file into modules so I don't know what could be wrong. Could it be a compatibility issue? I thought everything that worked in Classic would work in Unity. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    It should work, but it is possible the developer did not use compliant XML in the module and they will need to update it to be FGU/XML compliant.

    I would reach out to the publisher. Also, if you provide a link to the exact product others who have it might be able to verify this as well.

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    Everything that comes from the Store (and by extension Steam) will work in Unity. Items from third party sources can't be guaranteed. (I'm assuming this module isn't available in the store - I can't find it there at any rate).

    There are several possible reason why it doesn't show up; it could be the xml used by the author or could be the zip file is wrong. You could try changing the .mod to .zip (copy it first of course) and then zip it back up using windows zip and change the name back to .mod. But other than that you may need to contact the author of the module.
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    I would also check to be sure that the module file is in the correct modules folder. A quick and easy way to check on this would be to click on the folder icon on the dashboard. I've run into some hiccups with which folder I was placing extensions and modules when switching back and forth from the test server.


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