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    Several connection issues

    We have been having for the past couple of hours several issues, while all four of us have fine internet connection. Also we have FGU up to date with updates.
    -Players disconnecting
    -Maps not loading properly for the PCs (DM loads them fine). For example for LMoP the sword coast player map is just grey with a big red questionmark, or the Cragmaw hideout map shows the tokens and grid (no mask enabled) but not the map details.
    -Some players cant find their characters.
    If you need any other info pray ask. Thanks in advance!

    Edit: trying clearing cache, didn't work. Also tried reinstalling from scratch; nothing worked. All of us are 4.0.0 26/03/2020
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    I have 5 players and myself as DM.

    This (Saturday, USA 10am-12pm) morning we were having similar issues. Some players (random) would disconnect during the middle of game play, I as the DM would see them disconnect but they would still be "connected" on their screen, but they would not see any updates nor would we see theirs.

    In addition, one person in particular would crash the DM server 75% of the time he would go into character selection.

    We all uninstalled, reinstalled latest downloader and tried to do a fresh game and connect one at a time. First person that connect crash the DM server.

    Previous testing ahead of this campaign meeting was only 1-2 players had worked great. Do not know if it is the number of players or if it is the different day, different version. Unfortunately, the log files for everyone have been erased with the reinstall.

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    The cloud game-type relays all game traffic through the lobby/matchmaking server hosted by Smiteworks. That server is overwhelmed right now, no one could predict the load that would be generated by the influx of early-access players combined with the effects of quarantine driving offline games online all at once. There were equally serious overload issues yesterday with the download server that prevented people from installing at all, though Smiteworks seem to have gotten sorted late last night by increasing capacity and also by making the updater more resilient to various error-conditions that only occur during overload. Having gotten reliable installations under control, I'm sure that expanding capacity and improving the performance of the cloud/lobby/matchmaking server is their absolute top priority.

    Here are some things you can do to improve your odds of success:

    • Make sure you and all your players update RIGHT BEFORE the game (the update servers should be better behaved today than yesterday). Updates are being released so frequently, that even having the same date string doesn't mean that you have the same build... and within the last few days there was an update that broke networking compatibility with older builds from as recently as a few days ago.
    • Long-term, the lobby is a very convenient way to connect and probably recommended for most games. But today, if the lobby is not reliable for you due to being overloaded, consider trying to set up port-forwarding. This guide is for FGC, but the only thing that changed is that FGU uses UDP instead of TCP. Port-forrward 1802/UDP and 1802/TCP and you'll be good for both FGC and FGU: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/wiki/...nd_Host_a_Game
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    Eventually we couldn't connect to play today, even after trying a bunch of stuff for at least 4 hours lol :'(
    I tried setting up a campaign with port forwardin, having 1802 open but I don't understand how you connect with is since the only two options in FGU is lan and cloud? Do I just set the campaign in cloud and the PCs enter with the ip adress?

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    If you set the game to Cloud and Public then your players will see your game in the Lobby and they can select you and then click connect. If you make the game Cloud and Private your players will nee to enter you name (That is your forum name) into the connect to GM box and then click connect. If you make the game LAN then you'll need to configure your network to open Port 1802 and to allow FGU to operate and your players will connect via your IP address.

    So the easiest way to connect is via a Cloud game either public or Private.

    See here for information on recent issues and what to do. https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...Updater-Issues

    If you still have issues see here for the information the devs need. https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...hat-To-Provide
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    Will there be fewer connection issues if we connect via the IP? Or will it be pretty much the same (in terms of connectivity) as connecting via the cloud?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mclimbin View Post
    Will there be fewer connection issues if we connect via the IP? Or will it be pretty much the same (in terms of connectivity) as connecting via the cloud?
    If you do a direct connection (IP) there will only be contention with the players on your table. If you can port forward this is going to be the best experience always.

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    Thanks! Will give it a try.

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