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    Extensions I would like the links for

    David said on his stream today that he uses 4 extensions only, but I can't find the links to them by searching their names. There are soo many threads with these words in them, I apparently don't know the magic to find them.

    big font extension
    party map extension
    james window saver
    message of the day

    Can anyone help with links to these?


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    Welcome to the FG forums Amerisun!

    The the extensions are generic, that is they aren't specific to a RPG system, then a good place to start is the Extensions stick thread at the top of the CoreRPG (Generic Ruleset) And Other Game Systems forum.


    If the extension is specific to one RPG system, then look in the sticky thread at the top of the specific RPG system forum.

    You can find the 4 extensions you mention in the CoreRPG thread I link above as they are system agnostic. The "party map extension" is probably the "Marching Formations" extension, the rest should be obvious.
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