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Thread: Updater Issues

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    FWIW, my install is v4.0.0 (2020-03-26) but the file date in my OS is 3/27. I got a new FG updater yesterday, though.

    Quote Originally Posted by lavoiejh View Post
    Is there any official statement on how to tell if we're running the most recent version? I know there was a new build pushed over the weekend. I haven't uninstalled/reinstalled but I did just appear to successfully update, and FGU is now reading v4.0.0 Ultimate (2020-02-36). That is the date of the most recent patch note, but MoonWizard posted here on the 29th saying there was a new version? Is this not pushed live yet? Or is reinstall mandatory? The fact that everything is called v4.0.0 seems unnecessarily complicated...

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    I just deleted my installed directory (X:/FantasyGrounds on my system) and ran the installer in Post #1 from this thread. It ran to completion, appeared to get everything it needed. I then ran it again just to be sure, and sure enough it updated Fantasy Grounds again. On the third update it didn't appear to find anything to update. It appears to still be running Fantasy Grounds v4.0.0 Ultimate (2020-02-36). Not sure if that is correct, or in any way different from the version I had prior to deleting the contents of the folder and reinstalling. Hard to tell what version number refers to which build.

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    If you are having problems with the Updater still and a complete uninstall/reinstall is not helping, please provide the following file:
    C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\LocalLow\SmiteWorks\FG UpdaterEngine\Player.log


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    Unclear whether there's an issue or not. When running my weekly game last Thursday we encountered a number of connection issues so I'm trying to identify how to communicate to my players and ascertain whether we're all on the latest build. Do we all need to uninstall/reinstall? It would appear not - as I get the 3/26/2020 build either way. Attached my player.log in case that's helpful to you.

    I want to continue trying to run my weekly sessions in FGU to help squash bugs, last week there was a lot of uncertainty with the updater server being jammed. This week, I figure if I can get us all on the same version hopefully our feedback and log files will potentially be helpful.
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    The FGU main client latest build is v4.0.0 (2020-03-26). We are working on adding the build date to the updater as well. Once we get to final initial release, we will begin incrementing the version numbers as well.

    Are you actually having a problem with the updater; or are you referring to connection issues, which I'm looking at in another thread?
    (If updater issues, I can pass log to updater developer.)


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    I'm trying to reconcile build numbers to prevent connection issues. I believe my last session was abnormally buggy because the server was congested and we had some version mismatch.

    To this end, I was trying to figure out what the current build is and whether I need to get my players to reinstall or not prior to my session on Thursday. It sounds like the updater build is not visible to the user and we shouldn't worry about it unless we're having issues? I assume if all my players are on the same "main client build" there should be no connection issues due to version mismatch, and we should have the current network code.

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    Ryan has said that he will work on placing the build date on the updater this week; so you'll be able to visually check soon. For now, assume it is up to date. As long as you are all on the same client build, I wouldn't worry about it.

    The connection issues are something I am investigating this week.


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    Regarding the updater loop error: after installing again FGU from scratch the problem is gone.

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    I have first installed the Mac Version today and when i running FGU the power consumption increases significantly: CPU use over 140 %, battery loses 5 % power in a few minutes and (and the cooler is very loud). Something is wrong...?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirk Halfmann View Post
    I have first installed the Mac Version today and when i running FGU the power consumption increases significantly: CPU use over 140 %, battery loses 5 % power in a few minutes and (and the cooler is very loud). Something is wrong...?!
    Performance is not yet optimized. If you are in the downloading process, FGU will currently attempt to use all available resources. Performance and optimization will be addressed soon.

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