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Thread: Updater Issues

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    Updater Issues

    Latest Installer Links
    Windows Install
    Mac OSX Install

    NOTE: If you are still having update issues, then follow these steps:

    1. Uninstall or delete your FGU application folder; then re-install using link above.
    On Windows, the FGU app folder defaults to: C:\Program Files\SmiteWorks\Fantasy Grounds\

    2. If you are still having problems with the updater after complete uninstall/reinstall, please provide the following file:
    C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\LocalLow\SmiteWorks\FG UpdaterEngine\Player.log


    We had several update server issues last week, as well as an updater build that got stuck. We worked through the weekend to address, and all the latest files appear to be working as expected as of Saturday evening. If you are still having issues, then see the steps above.

    While we've increased limits all around our servers and their networks as well as this latest updater fix, the servers are still overloaded based on current demand; so you may get some time-outs from time to time.

    We are continuing to keep an eye on the situation, and looking at ways to improve our servers even more.

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    Why dont you update version nos of the files so we can report issues against specific versions. A friend tried downloading for last two days updater said V4.0.0 and it timed out. I tried downloading new and got same issue, but my existing program already installed had no problems. Now the new updated version that appears to be working still says 4.0.0, why not 4.0.1a (a for alphas) and when release full version drop the a or something.) who cares if it gets to 4.0.1064a or whatever at least we know we have a specific update installed.

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    The version has a date. Such as 4.0.0 (03-25-20). The date is the tell tale.

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    So the Updater engine V4.0.0 (No date) corresponds to the launcher version V4.0.0 dated

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    Mmmhh, doesn't work, i don't get it.
    I redownloaded the updater from the OP link but i think it's the same (v4.0.0, i don't have any date)

    I tried a complete uninstall of the FGU Updater, i deleted the old webinstaller, cleaned every temporary directory of Windows, restarted the system, redownloded the webinstaller... but i always have the same version of the updater with the 10sec timeout...

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    Hello all,

    Maybe there's a suggestion thread for that (please point me to it) but why can't we just select the game systems we need prior to downloading ? I'm writing this looking at my Updater struggling downloading game systems I will never use.

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    Please uninstall the application before reinstalling. Something doesnt seem to update when you install over the top of the current buggy versions.

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    I reinstalled with the new update, and I am getting this version


    Is this the correct one? It is the very same that I had before reinstalling with the new update. So I am a little bit confused

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    FWIW, I had the buggy installer from early in the week, kept timing out on files over about 10MB, realized yesterday the updater was stuck in a loop and that I was going to have to delete my macOS Applications/Smiteworks folder (which Mac users as a rule Do Not Do) and reinstall from scratch. After that I saw I'd gone from v4.0.0 (2020-03-20) to v4.0.0 (2020-03-26). So you had and have the current version - for now. Perhaps going forward they will be better about telling us what the current build is.

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    You cannot see the build until you have actually installed; so for those having issues installing for the first time and not getting past the installer it will always just be v4.0.0. For those already installed and are having an issue updating then the version you have will be shown as v4.0.0 (date).
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