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I took a look at FGU and it looks pretty much the same of FGC once you're inside the RM session. The images interface has changed but that is not RM specific and there are a number of videos out there on what to do with that. The lobby to get people connected to your game has changed too but, again, it is not RM specific so there are guides out there to do that too.

For the RM stuff itself, I have produced a series of videos here, linked in this forum that deal with the new update. I have four or five more of those to produce but they should give you a good idea how to use RMC with FG.

Hope that helps.
This is the wife of cpettyjr. Thanks so much for these links! He's neck deep in them and trying desperately to get stuff ready for the first game tomorrow night, or he'd respond himself.

Thanks to everyone for their responses!