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    Wow, loks great, feels great and a lot of stuff is easier now, or maybe I just did not understand the version before as well . Just two things happened in my initial playing around in FGC:
    1. stat generation process for new characters results in Script Error: [string "scripts/manager_action_statgen.lua"]:52: attempt to call field 'StatGenMinRollValue' (a nil value)
    and when an enemy dies de to effects ( dies in 9 rounds, wait for it, dead) but still has HP left, then it is not deletable (and maybe not skipped).

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    Yeah, I've been spoiled using it the last 9 months as it's gotten progressively better. I would have to open up the old version to verify things before answering posts because there were a few times I would think 'wait it has that feature' and then I would remember my version had it.

    Thanks for those reports. I've added them to my list and will look into them. I am thinking about providing updates once a week or so until things are running smoothly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by strubbel View Post
    when an enemy dies de to effects ( dies in 9 rounds, wait for it, dead) but still has HP left, then it is not deletable (and maybe not skipped).
    Thinking about this one more, you should be able to right click on them to delete them still. I do need to add the delete button to them though when the Dead or Dying effect is applied. I noticed that when I ran a session yesterday. Please let me know if you can't delete it with the radial menu though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by strubbel View Post
    1. stat generation process for new characters results in Script Error: [string "scripts/manager_action_statgen.lua"]:52: attempt to call field 'StatGenMinRollValue' (a nil value)
    I couldn't replicate this one but I am guessing you have an extension that modifies stats loaded. Do you have any extensions loaded?

    I added another check in the code to prevent the error but it will only using the default of 20 if it would encounter this error.

    It also reminds me that I need to upload the new versions of the smooth and linear stat bonuses.

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    The latest version of linear and smooth stats extensions have been updated to work with RMC v1.8 and RMC v2.0+ so you can use them with either version of the ruleset.

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    Nice... I like the smooth stats. Thanks again.
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    Great, it really was the stats extension causing the error as it is the one extension I would really not like to play without. By the way, both 'issues' were no show-stoppers to begin with, thanks a lot!

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    So, after our latest session with the new ruleset in action in FG Classic I found some things I would like to let you know.

    When opening a charsheet in classic I get a lot of nil Value issues in the console, these seem to be the new fields that were added like NextLevelXP, PPMult, SpellAdder, ShieldDb etc. I am not familiar with Lua, but would suggest that they need to be referenced differently (at least in FGClassic)?
    Also I get lots of GetInventoryItemLink errors from the new fields where the new equipment is tracked, like equipped_armor.
    Third one is a script error from the rules_skills_lua when trying to roll directly from a skill in the skills window. This one I might have actually fixed by myself by trying to change ChatManager.throwDice to Comm.throwDice which seems to work at least in FGClassic (I think that's why there is a split between versions <4 and higher implemented) ?

    Hope that helps and if you do not want to invest too much time into FGClassic, I would be happy to get some pointers and hints to try and handle these errors myself. I am, however, not familiar with Lua, just dabbled in the programming of stuff a bit.

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    Hi strubbel,

    Thanks for testing it. I do want it working in both FGC and FGU. I've mainly been testing in FGC so far but will work on FGU soon. Those errors sound like you have some extensions loaded that haven't been updated to work with the new code but I might be wrong. Is this a new campaign or a migrated campaign from v1.8? Is it a new character, one migrated with a campaign or an imported character?


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    Wow, great work Dakadin.

    I do have a question, it is by no means urgent; will there be something to use as a reference to creating new content at some point?

    When I created the custom modules fr RM a while back, I was able to use the existing modules as a guide (Character Law, Arms Law, and Spell Law). Those don't seem to exist yet for RM2. If this is something that will be included later, I can wait, no need to rush on my behalf.

    Most of the content I created for RM1 seems to work, but some of it is a bit off. For example, items are not showing up in the Items function. I expected this because of what you had said about how you updated them, weapons at least still seem to work and the Items show up in the modules themselves, and appear to function as far as I can tell so far. Races don't have all of the information that the built in ones have (probably some field(s) not filled out).

    Like I said, this is not at all urgent, just curious if the reference modules will be included at some point.
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