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    DDEX FG Question

    Does anyone know if any of the DDex 1-1 through 14 are available in Fantasy Grounds? I know this may be a newbie question sorry.

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    There are some modules that are converted on DMSGuild

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    Thanks. I hope the influx of new folks builds the FG community to a point where we can have all these adventures translated into FG.

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    The problem isn't having people to convert them; the problem is making them available, as the people converting them don't have the rights to put that content on dmsguild (unless they're also the authors).

    I've converted a bunch of DDAL adventures for my personal use, but I can't distribute them since I don't own the content inside of them.

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    Yeah what midas said. The bottleneck is each individual author of the modules have the rights to them. Its not like you can just send them off to WOTC. Each individual author must be negotiated with. I have tried to contact some offering a module I converted for free. They never responded. There are certain authors that are down with FG and usually a FG conversion posted in time. I think if an older module hasn't posted a conversion yet it is unlikely to ever get one because it signals the author is just not interested. I am sure almost all modules have been converted multiple times over and offered multiple times to these authors. You have to either start doing them yourself or just learn to run from the pdf. I started out doing seasons 1-2 and got tired of it and quit. Now I learned how to just run from the pdf.
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