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    Character Options Talents: Multitasker

    Character Options Talents: Multitasker

    "You can concentrate on maintaining two spells at a time.
    Any spellcaster.Benefit:
    You can maintain concentration on a spell even if you cast another spell that requires concentration. Maintaining concentration on two spells imposes a disadvantage on your Constitution checks to maintain concentration. Casting a third spell that requires concentration ends one of the two previous spells (your pick)."

    Any way to program this? I looked and tried, but I don't believe there is. So... I thought I would ask

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    No. There is no way to automate it. The player would have to manually manage it

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    Create an NPC in the combat tracker that exists only for keeping concentration. Either roll concentration checks manually for that spell or drag any damage taken by the PC and drop it on the NPC in the tracker to prompt a roll.

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