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    The cloud server has been down for several days they do not know when the server will be back up. I tested my connection out and was able to log into the cloud server. The issue was players could not log into the HOSTS game from the lobby. A player would get hung up on the load.

    The start date will be April 5 2020 starting at 7pm CST.

    Please log in test your connection by this saturday April 4 2020. I will have the game up and running and I am ASSUMING BIGLY that the cloud server will be up by then. If you can log in an connect create your character and then we shall wait till April 5 to begin.

    If only 1 or 2 people login I will be canceling the game.

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    Game Info

    Game: Dungeon of the Mad
    GM: Shez
    pass: e-mail [email protected] the password has changed since Josh and I determined what the root cause of the game crashes were. That game was deleted and I had to create a clean copy.

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    I would love to join if you guys need more players. i am in the EST time zone. Sundays are best, but i am open any day.

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    toadmar, I have not heard back from two of the players and have heard from 2 of the players. one of whom has logged in and created his character. you can only connect to my game if you are using FG Unity w/ standard license or FG Unity Ultimate license. MY FG Standard does not work with demo version.

    As stated I will have FG up and running on April 4th to allow players to log in to test their connection and create their characters. It takes about 1-2 hrs to complete a character, I do not want to wait till game day and everyone tries to login an create their character. if you do decide to join e-mail me for the password. I will let you know at that point if I have open slots.

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    Due to a lack of interest and players canceling I am canceling this game at this time. Everyone that was interested has dropped.

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