FG License: Ultimate
Time Zone: EST
Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: SUN, weekly, 1-5pm EST

Us: We are a small, mature, middle aged group looking to add 1-2 players interested in playing some Traveller with an Altered Carbon homebrew addition to the Third Imperium Setting. We prefer story based campaigns, heavily laden with combats that move the plot forward. I have GM'd DnD 2E&5E, PF1 and 2, Harnmaster, Mythras and Twilight2000. New to Traveller, as are most of the players. Please don't attempt to join thinking this might be fun for 4-5 weeks as we are all locked down dealing with the current crisis. We would like players who can commit to a longer game.

Campaign: Long Term campaign with plans for numerous genres (exploration, mystery, political intrigue, mass combat, epic villains, etc). Setting will be Third Imperium/Trojan Reach. Theme and tone will be fairly dark and gritty. Overall, campaign will be a sandbox with a mix of adventures from different sources. Altered Carbon adds: Cortical Stacks, Sleeving, Perma Death, etc, have been added to the setting. Needlecasting is limited to only a Parsec or two to stay within original intent of the great distances in Traveller setting. If you are not familiar with the Altered Carbon series of books by Richard K. Morgan, do yourself a favor and pick them up. Then go check out the Netflix series.
We prefer story over wazoo lightsaber shenanigans, so if you start off every session asking "When do we kill stuff?", this campaign probably isn't for you. Though there will be plenty of combat, that is not the real focus of the campaign. Much more interested in telling an intriguing and complex story, with input from all players woven together by the GM. Prefer mature players with life experience, who want a challenge from their game play, as opposed to a fanciful escape from their daily reality. Nothing wrong with playing that way, we have all done it, just want to be clear about the game we are trying to build. Challenging and rewarding, but more from an intellectual standpoint, than a beer and pretzel aspect.

Voice: We play on Discord with Syrenscape background sound effects.

Game System Preferred: Traveller Mongoose 2E.

Fantasy Grounds Experience: Three years running games on FG.

About me: Career Army officer, recently retired with 25 years of service. Always been a closet geek, but finally found the door to the closet. Don't have any prejudices against play style, except those that waste everyone's time. Not a voice actor or thespian, nor do I expect anyone in the group to be. Its first and foremost about having a good time and supporting the group dynamic. No hard rules, everything is negotiable, provided you are comfortable with what was laid out about the campaign above.

If interested send me a PM with any questions.