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    Hide Death Saving Throws

    Is there a way to hide the results of a death saving throw from other players? (I would like the player and DM both to know the results.)

    If it would have to be hid from all players (event the one dying), that might work as I would figure it would still mark the checkboxes on the the character sheet.

    I am mainly looking to get it so that the other party members do not know if the player is almost dead and could go over the edge in the next round on a failure.

    I do use auto death saves so they are not forgotten.


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    There is no combination which you can chose which allows only the player and the DM to see any result. If you switch Show DM rolls to Off then only the DM will see the result. If you switch that on then everyone will see the result. If you set Show results to client on or Friendly then everyone will see the result; with that off no-one except the DM sees the result.
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