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    Has this been resolved? I don't use FGU on a regular basis but have a license and have been checking on its progress occasionally. For the past couple months it will not load. As described above it just loads the splash screen for 20-30 seconds and then crashes to desktop with no information. I've uninstalled/reinstalled/updated, but it will not launch.

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    I found it was my anti-virus software causing the issue. I turned off Avast (an exception didn't seem to be working for me) Try disabling it to see if that does the trick for you.

    I was using Avast. Currently, I am just relying on windows defender and all is well.

    I am pretty sure it worked fine after the first successful boot with the anti-virus re-enabled.

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    I use AVG. I was able to get it to load when I disabled AVG, but after a reboot and turning AVG back on it went back to not loading. As you mentioned exceptions don't seem to work either.

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