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    Copy Image Data


    I am quite sure this has been answered (in fact, I had a post on this subject in my browser that I lost, and now can't find...), but how does one make a new copy of image data?

    I have a module that contains an annotated map (i.e. push-pins with associated info) that I want to bring into a new campaign where I will use @celestian's excellent Reference Manual creator to, well, create a reference manual.

    However I try to make a copy, it always points back to the original module. I don't want to re-annotate the entire map.

    Like I said, I found a reference, but now I have lost it and my searches aren't turning up anything, so please don't scold me if it's obvious and has already been answered a hundred times.


    - s.west

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    mages in vaulted DLC cannot be exported

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    Not sure damned understood the question. Of course, not sure I do either

    Are you looking to make a copy of the image or the pins or mask or markup on the image?
    To copy any record, just drag it back onto it's object list. But reference will be to the original.
    Pins are not copied when the image is copied, but they should exist as metadata in the db.xml file inside the campaign.
    The mask is stored int eh campaign directory in a folder called something like maskedimages
    Markups are stored somewhere int eh xml of the campaign data, but I have no idea where.

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    Thanks for the responses. And, no, I'm not trying to copy something out of an existing DLC. I'm trying to make a copy of an item from a module that I created myself.

    I'll try to re-phrase it. I'm sure there is something fundamental that I don't understand, but I'll try to tell you what I want to do again.

    I have a module that contains a map, MAP-A, with a bunch of push-pins, PINS A-Z, which all reference matching STORY ITEMS A-Z from the same module (I have been using that module in our current campaign

    I want to open a new campaign (same rules set) into which I am going to create new elements (story items, maps, etc.) which will be exported to a new reference manual (again, using @celestian's Author extension).

    I want to leave the original module unchanged, but create copies of all of the relevant elements (the map, all the push-pins, all the story items) in the new campaign, under new 'groups' for Images and Story elements, and I don't want to have to recreate anything, just 'copy' everything.

    Did that make it any better? (i.e., more understandable)

    I could make the original module available (from my google drive) if you wanted to see what I'm talking about.

    Anyway, I was thinking that I could drag and drop the map to a new Group in 'Images and Maps', but it still references back to the original module... I want the new 'Reference Manual' to be standalone and not require any additional modules to be opened.

    Any clearer?

    Thanks for trying.

    - s.west

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    (p.s. I'm beginning to think that I should just go ahead and re-create it from scratch. The only problem is that I have 9 or 10 more of those to do, in addition to the one that I'm trying to do as a proof-of-concept.)

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    p.p.s., I forgot to address one of the instructions from @LordEntrails... I tried to drag (copy) the map back to its object list, as you mentioned. In fact, that was the first thing I tried, but it had no effect, at all. I will confess to giving up immediately on that line of attack, so I better have another go at it (too late tonight... tomorrow.)

    However, if the push-pin data doesn't get copied, then that still won't do me much good. I'll still have to re-do all the pins. Too bad about that...

    Another thought I had was to make a copy of the entire module, but immediately realized that it wouldn't change the underlying 'problem' at all.

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    I couldn't wait until tomorrow... I tried to copy an image back to its own list and this pops out in the chat window:

    "[NOTICE] Image records can not be copied. Add new images in the campaign list by using the folder button, or dropping a file on the list."

    I knew I has seen something along those lines, I just couldn't remember where it had shown up.

    So... push-pins or not, it won't copy the map.

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    Well, I'm beginning to remember (from the last time I worked with Fantasy Grounds, which was 3 years ago) the futility of what I was trying to do.

    There's no point in going into great detail about my erroneous thinking. Suffice it to say that there is no, shall we say, module-local scope for references, be they push-pins pointing to story items, or even story items containing references to other story items...

    I will have to recreate all of the links by hand. There is no short cut to what I am trying to do.

    So... never mind.

    Sorry for the wheel-spinning and unnecessary thread.


    - s.west

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    Ok, did you try going into your FG data folder and completely copying your campaign folder? You will then have a data set you can mess with. You can then open up the image folder and in Windows duplicate the image. It won't duplicate the pins, but that is how you would copy the image itself. Eventually you can export that map and the stories to a module which you can then open in any other campaign.

    I'm not sure how the Author Extension works though for making Reference Manuals. You may have to do some coding in XML to edit and get what you want. I'm just not sure. I would post in the Author Extension thread since the folks who frequent that thread know how to use it.

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    Sorry for the extended delay in responding to you, @LordEntrails, but thanks for the additional advice. And, yes, I think that will work quite nicely.

    I'm happy to report that the Author extension is working, for the most part, quite well and is making it possible for me to create a reference manual out of the various bits'n'pieces that I had cobbled together from the Paizo Settings doc: Magnimar, City of Monuments. (I'll be sure to post this over in the Author thread, as well...)

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