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    Animal Companions and Formula's


    New GM user of Pathfinder 2 fantasy grounds here.
    Trying to get the hang of this.

    Anyone any idea how to create an Animal Companion for a player? I can get the ability mentioned on a character sheet, but I can't acually design it or let a player control one.

    Also, concerning Alchemists: how do I note down their formula's?

    Thanks in advance

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    Well you could either make a NPC companion (or use one already done), put it on the combat tracker (make it friendly) and drag the link (little red square) to the player, then they can access it. OR make a PC animal companion and the player can take control of that PC too (players can control more than one PC).
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    For formulas you can also use this mod (and use the Notes tab for bookkeeping).

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    Thanks for your advice. I'm going to look around how exactly that works.

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    Thanks! Downloaded and installed the mod. Now going to find out what it does

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