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Thread: Treat Wounds

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    Treat Wounds

    GM here. About to run my first session in FG (Unity) tomorrow. How can I set up a Treat Wounds action or button for my players? Preferably with the ability to set Trained/Expert/Master/Legendary for the check, but I can deal with 4 different buttons. I figured it would be under the Actions tab for the character, but that seems to be only for attacks and spells, unless I'm missing something.

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    I think this mod has it, along with a lot of other useful stuff that FG hasn't automated yet

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    mmmm dont know if you could "really" do treat wounds atm. As treat wounds is a medicine skill roll. You could create the various results that are produced by the result table, but not the check itself
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    Going by the module that Drako linked to, it seems like the only way is to set it up as a "spell", which isn't the way I'd really like to do it, but it works. Thanks

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    Just because the customs actions section on the actions tab uses "spells" as the description, don't think of it being purely limited to spells. As you'll see from the ShadeRaven modules linked by @DrakoVongola1, there are numerous ways of using these to provide ability and action automation. Just think of them as action/ability sets, not spell sets...
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