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    Wild magic extension? Effects? Module?

    My DM has a homebrew rule for wild magic: every time a spell level 1 or above is cast, it adds one to a counter. A d20 is rolled and if the roll is less than or equal to the counter number, it triggers a wild magic surge from a table. The counter is reset after the surge. I'm thinking there must be a way to automate this, but I'm not sure if it would just be an effect, a module, or an extension. I can code a bit myself, but other than fiddling with the extension to create our custom calendar I known nothing of lua. Can someone steer me in the right direction to try to get this built and automated for my group?

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    To do a partial automated implementation you might create a rollable dice field that the player must doubleclick each time they cast a spell.
    Each time you doubleclick it increments by 1 and then does the dice roll.
    Im assuming that when a surge happens the counter resets - you could code that and the table roll too...

    Without looking at the spell stuff in more detail Im not sure how you would trigger the auto increment and auto roll taking it all out of the players hand.

    If going with option 1 start with Hero Point extension to see incrementing stuff and then look at switching it to a rollable field and then add your logic and then add your results...

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    Thanks damned! I will certainly check out that extension. I'm going to attempt to do something completely automated, but even if I can't just making it something that is clicked by the player will help.

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    did you come up with anything sharible? my daughter wants to play a WM and really wants those random effects, so an auto roll would be best

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