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    LFP[Online][Flexible schedule] Depths of the Sunless Citadel Mini-Campaign

    Beneath a burned plain lies the Sunless Citadel, an empty memory of what was once a vast civilization, its riches and perils choked in dust and pale vines. For most, it is but a distant relic, a warning at the bottom of a ravine-- until you get close enough to hear the rolling of mine carts, the slow-ticking gears of an ancient civilization... as though it had returned to life. The goblins residing within bear strange tidings. The fruit they sell, even stranger...

    I'm a professional DM looking to run 3-5 players through an expanded mini-campaign I built from the Sunless Citadel module published in Tales of the Yawning Portal. Depending on how fast you move, I would anticipate the campaign taking between 8 and 12 sessions, and moving characters from 1st to 8th level, with the possibility of expansion into a larger campaign if we're all feeling it. I anticipate this game having a pretty solid balance of roleplay and combat, I've test-run it a couple of times and it's one of my favorites. Elements of the campaign include political intrigue, dungeon-delving, combat, puzzle-solving, mystery, and a small amount of horror.

    I will be using Discord, Fantasygrounds, and a few other services for the campaign, and I will be charging $10 per player per session, as it's mainly homebrew content. Anything from the sourcebooks, UA, or homebrew is accepted as long as you pass it by me first. Contact me with a DM or comment if interested! My schedule is very flexible and I am free on weekends and most weekday afternoons and evenings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrPres View Post
    I have an interest.
    Awesome! You can reach me on Discord at gasparillatea#9407. Hit me up there and we'll talk in more detail!

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    Me too. I'll message you on discord

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    I would am interested as well, but is this a classic or unity campaign? I'm currently on unity.


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    Classic, potentially switching to Roll20 due to a few different factors.

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    Hello. Are you still looking for players? I am interested, and my 16 year old son can also join (or not). Have you set a schedule for the game, day/time? I'm in US Central Time.

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    Hey y'all, I apologize to any recent repliers, but I have filled up all my slots. If you would like, you can add me on Discord at gasparillatea#9407, and I will keep you in mind if any players or games fall through!

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