"Are you innocent or guilty?"
............'Of what?'
"I'm not asking what you did. I'm asking who you are."

THE DOMUS VINCULA is the vastest prison in the multiverse, guarded by all, where the most heinous of criminals are contained, for the collective good of reality. Guilty or innocent, one truth surrounds every prisoner unlucky enough to find themselves fallen into the depths of the Domus: none enter without growing lost...
...But no prison is impenetrable. Are there cracks in the walls-- and if there are... can you survive long enough to find them?

I'm a DM with 6 years of experience running games in 5th edition, LARP, Dread, Monster of the Week, and other adventures. I'm looking for 3-5 players (LGBTQ+ friendly) to run through a campaign I've spent upwards of 4 years writing.
The Domus Vincula is a survival horror campaign that utilizes a homebrew system, borrowing some mechanics from 5e, Apocalypse World, and Dread, but largely focusing on roleplay, exploration, and high-stakes combat and problem-solving. Players should come ready to invest in their characters and explore a unique and unnerving story.

I will be using Discord, Roll20, and a few other services for the campaign, and I will be charging $10 per player per session (negotiable), as it's mainly homebrew content. Character creation is a dynamic process and we can discuss it in depth if need be, since this is an unconventional system. Hit me with a DM or a comment if you're interested and let's talk storytelling! My schedule is very flexible and I am free on weekends and most weekday afternoons and evenings.