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    Looking for a fourth for PF2E Age of Ashes (GM is a true professional)

    Hi all,

    We are currently playing the Age of Ashes adventure path, our group just leveled up this past session so we will be starting at level 3 next session. Our GM is great, he uses Syrinscape so sound effects and music are wonderful when we are traversing the dungeons or in town when having a pint at the local tavern. Our fourth just left our group due to other obligations. We are now a party of 3 (Barbarian, Wild Order Druid, Bard) in search of a fourth who can play whatever he/she likes doesn't matter to us. Two of us live in Canada, our third lives in Panama, our GM lives in the U.S. We would prefer someone familiar with PF2 already, our GM at the beginning of every session gives us a Recap of where we are at which is tremendously beneficial and will have no issues filling in our fourth exactly where we are at when we start our next session (still Book 1 maybe half way done it?)

    Our GM's availability is Mon/Wed/Thur/Fri the earliest is 3PM PST which is (GMT-8) and the latest he can go until is 9pm PST. Our GM has the Ultimate license and we use Discord. All sessions are 4 hours in length so if we want to play from 5pm PST till 9pm PST that is also fine, some days we like to start playing earlier at 3PM PST. We average about 1 game every 10 days right now. We would like to increase that to one game a week and hoping our fourth has that type of availability. The three of us would like to play once a week but sometimes our fourth wasn't able to so in the past so we weren't able to. So if your someone who has a flexible schedule who can play on Monday one week starting at 5pm, and play on a Wednesday the next week at 3PM then we would love to have you. This is not a set day of the week game starting at 6PM on Mondays week in and week out, just want to make sure you know what your getting into. We will still try to play every week ideally, just that specific day may change just incase someone is busy on a certain day and can't make it there are other days we can play. Also we if we don't have all 4 players we won't play we will reschedule so you don't miss any sessions.

    Our group very much loves the combat aspect of PF2, we are hoping our fourth does as well and we are looking for someone who is comfortable role playing, as currently our team is a bit lacking in that department. Other than that your free to do as you wish. If you have any questions please just ask.

    Final note: This is a paid group, however we will not charge our fourth.
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    How far into the campaign are you? I completed HellKnight Hill but my group disbanded and I am looking to join another campaign to continue the story

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    We just came back to town via the tunnel after clearing out the dungeon, now searching for Vos. We are Level 3. We just found our fourth about a week ago. If you want to be the fifth person then we would politely ask you to pay.

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    How much per session??

    My schedule for starting time would be between 4 PST and 6 PST on weekdays. I most likely wont be able to play Tues and thurs, the rest of the days are ok as long as i have some time to plan my day around the games.

    I will never be able to make it at 3 PST because i would be at work, not sure if that is a deal breaker for you guys

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    It would be $7.50 USD per session. We always give atleast a week notice before next session. A 4 pm PST start time until 8pm PST would work very well. Would you never be able to play on Thursdays or would there ever be a chance you could play on Thursday if we started at say 5pm PST or something?

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    With thursdays is not about the time, it would be very rare for me to play on thurs, i would not count on it. It could change in the future, but for now it would be like that.

    I would still like to join the campaign if you are ok with my schedule

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    Don't know if you are potentially still looking for people however I've recently been looking for a game to join. I have no experience with pathfinder, I've only ever played 5E (I had played some of the older versions along time ago). I understand you're looking for someone familiar with the material however just throwing it out there. As far as the scheduling, mine is honestly a bit all over the place however its extremely unlikely I wouldn't be available for at least a couple of those days each week (and I will always know my availability a couple weeks in advance). Happy to come and chat in advance with you all as well so feel free to hit me up anytime!

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    Hi I don’t know if it’s to late to join I would really like to join I’m in pst time zone so I am free those times if I could join I would like to play archer fighter build I have hero labs so I could make a chat pretty easy

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    hi if your still looking i would love to join your campaign the those times work fine for me with a little advance notice about which day however i am new to pathfinder 2 that said i do have 10+years experience playing pf1 and other rpgs so i can pick it up quicklyhave always loved both the role-play and combat aspects of rpg and have done several LARP groups and the like so am also comfortable with the role-play side of things

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