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    Questions about creating Pregens

    If I'm creating pregens using other modules and materials like the CKG, Expanding Classes and Rune Lore, for those pregens to work would the person using them have to have those other modules/supplements as well? Or is there a way to "write in" abilities and use classes from other Troll Lords materials that aren't available here, like the Adventurer's Backpack or some taken from Amazing Adventures?
    I know of I create them for use in games or campaigns I myself will run I should be good but wondering if they would be useable by anyone else if I submitted them for community use.

    on a similar note, if I also wanted to create a variety of backpacks and starting equipment to go along with pregens and to make starting a new character quicker, would I do that as a separate module? I'm thinking I'd just set them up as parcels for my players to choose from.
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    It depends on the ruleset. Most rulesets make a copy of the "feature" records for each character sheet, exactly for this reason. I'm not sure if C&C ruleset does this; but most likely it does.

    For additional equipment, you can create a "player" module to have installed, and share with your players. We recommend using a development campaign for each module, to allow for easier creation and updating.


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