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    SWADE - Adding Edges/Special Abilities as Effects

    Hello all,

    I'm starting a Necessary Evil campaign and I'd like to automate as many PC super powers as I can. I have a couple of questions about automated effects from Edges and Special Abilities:

    - Can Edges and creature Special Abilities with automated effects not listed in the Savage Worlds Effects wiki (i.e. Hardy) be added as effects directly to the combat tracker or attached to items?
    - Is the Hardy PC Racial Ability from the SWADE Player's Guide actually automated? I have seen the Hardy Special Ability function correctly for monsters, but I can't seem to get the PC Racial Ability to work. I notice it doesn't list a bracketed effect command on the character sheet entry.
    - Is "Ignore" (i.e. [Ignore #Dim|#Dark] from Low Light Vision racial ability) a valid effect command? When I apply the Dim or Dark illumination penalty effect to a character with this racial ability applied on his sheet from the SWADE Player's Guide, the lighting penalty still applies.

    Please let me know if you need anything further clarified. Thank you for your help and amazing work!

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    Hardy is working for me on my custom race, I dragged it from the Racial Abilities panel, under the Races panel.

    You're right that Edges like Hardy show a blank Effects line, but I've found that the same is true if I create, for example, an Edge with the Effect [Strength +1d]. The Effect code doesn't show up on the character sheet, but Strength is modified appropriately. Perhaps related, if I don't create an Edge in the Edge panel, and instead try to add it directly to the character sheet, the Effect doesn't kick in. In other words, if you click + on the sheet and type [Strength +1d] into the effect line, nothing happens. However, if you then drag that newly created Edge down a bit and copy it onto the same sheet, the new version will work. As is the case with Edges from the Edges panel, this functional copy of the new Edge won't show the [Strength +1d] on the sub-line. Bizarre. I'm guessing the sheet isn't parsing the code when you type it in directly. By the way, if you don't write the word "Edge" in your "Type" field when you make an Edge, it will refuse to put it under Edges and put it under Abilities instead.

    I posted about the ignore issue in the stickied thread, but I'll elaborate on what I've learned here:

    [Ignore #Dim|#Dark] does nothing

    There is no effect called Dim or Dark. They are called "Illumination, Dim" and "Illumination, Dark"

    [Ignore #Illumination, Dim|#Illumination, Dark] also does nothing. I assume the comma breaks the syntax.

    If you change the name of the effects, getting rid of the word Illumination so they are just "Dim" and "Dark" [Ignore #Dim|#Dark] still does nothing. I believe the separator is breaking the syntax, even though the wiki claims using a | is accepted syntax, because [Ignore #Dark] gets us a result. (I say claims, because in my experience trying to use it has been hit or miss.)

    Unfortunately, the result of [Ignore #Dark] with the "Illumination, Dark" Effect changed to be just "Dark" is exactly the opposite of what we'd want. It seems the word "Ignore" is doing nothing, and the program is reading the effect as if it was simply [#Dark]. In other words, it adds the Dark effect to a character.

    [Ignore Dark] similarly does nothing.

    The only context in which Ignore seems to work in an Effect is in the command [Ignore Wounds -#], which tells it to ignore wound penalties. I'm curious if sharing this syntax is what's breaking the ability to ignore effects.
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    I have also had issues with the pipe character | and have resorted to using commas even if it means redundant work.

    Example: [Athletics|Notice +2] doesnt work for me, but [Athletics +2, Notice +2] works every time.

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    The Ignore Effect keyword is not yet fully implemented. I will be looking at it in the near future because it is causing some minor challenges. Be patient, I will let you know when implementation is proceeding.
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    Thanks Ikael, I appreciate your work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ikael View Post
    The Ignore Effect keyword is not yet fully implemented. I will be looking at it in the near future because it is causing some minor challenges. Be patient, I will let you know when implementation is proceeding.
    Thanks, Ikael!

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    From what I can tell with Ignore is: it works on effects related to the active character, but it does not ignore effects on or related to the target. Was trying to make an effect for Marsman or Aim, but haven't figured out how to make the ignore Range,Cover,Called Shot,Scale,Speed penalties part work.


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