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    Sheet Error? Tokens?

    Hello all, I just got the RMC Ruleset, have been playing other games before with Fantasy Grounds. When I open the character sheet I get a error.

    "Script Error: [string "rules/scripts/rules_move.lua"]:19: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'inches' (a nil value)"

    Anyone know why, and how to fix this?

    And I'm not sure how to add player tokens to the PC's, and haven't found any info on this, can anyone help?

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    Hi Dulgan68,

    The error is happening when it is trying to calculate the character's BMR based on the character's height. Unfortunately, I missed a check for nil in the code but you should be able to get around it by entering the height in feet and inches (for example, 5'10"). Please let me know if this doesn't work for you.

    For the PC tokens they use the portrait in this version of the ruleset. I am working on a version based on CoreRPG that will allow a separate token and portrait like the other rulesets you are familiar with.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or encounter any other issues.


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    Ah, thanks... I had the height as 5'8''. Got the tokens to work now, thanks.

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    Another thing I noticed, the Power Point Development skill doesn't change the PP on the main page when used?

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    That is a preference for the campaign that needs to be changed.

    Power Point Dev.PNG

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    The test channel has the fix for the nil error you were receiving.

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    Got it all working now, thanks so much.... Love this... Haven't been able to play Rolemaster for years due to bad eyesight, and not able to read the books well, and now I can start again.

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