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    D&D5E: Tier 1 - CCC RPSG 01 Ooze There @8PM EST 25 March 2020

    Voice: Yes (Discord information will be given after accepted)
    Age: 18+
    Ruleset: Adventures League D&D 5E legal characters only
    FG Programmed Character: No (Just send me a link of your character sheet in any format)

    If you have run this module before please let me know, and allow other players to take first initiative to prevent meta gaming.

    Adventure Details
    Tier: 1
    CCC RPSG 01 Ooze There written by Darryl Ho & Jason Koh
    Run Time: Approximately 4 hours
    As the City of Danger struggles to rebuild, a spate of
    unexplained disappearances in the Zhent Ghettos
    threatens to erupt into fresh chaos. The factions are
    hard pressed to investigate, and it falls upon you to
    uncover the truth behind this new menace.
    Part 1 of The Neverdusk Trilogy.
    DM License: Ultimate

    **Players must provide the following in the thread below or I will not accept calendar invite**
    Character Name:

    Calendar sign ups found HERE
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    Two slots remain.
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