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    Hello there! I'm interested in playing in a Starfinder game. 100% willing to pay the standard rate. I've never played Starfinder but have a lot of experience with 5e as a GM and a player and have been doing as much research as i can on the system.

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    Pathfinder 2E or Starfinder -- 100% interested, if it's alright that I am new to both games. I have Fantasy Grounds Ultimate with all the core rules and supplements, except for the adventure paths.
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    Bumping this up for attention! Weekends now available, any time at all.
    FG Ultimate License Holder!
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    I may be interested in a pathfinder 2e game if you can get players and on Mondays, Tuesdays, or wed night. I am eastern time Canada.
    I already have the exp too with both FGU and PF2.

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    you doing any PF2 games?

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    Quick question is that $10 per person in the party?

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    Not exactly, it's 10 per player. SO a player can have two characters in the party, but still only pays 10. Hope that clears it.
    FG Ultimate License Holder!
    "I reject your reality and substitute my own."
    Adam Savage, Mythbusters

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    yes every player pays ten thanks for making that clear

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    I'm looking for a 5e campaign. Sundays and Tuesdays are unavailable. Weekends would be great but are not a dealbreaker.
    Me, 58 yrs old. Retired, playing since the white box edition. Wanted a gaming session that is consistent without many dates canceled.
    Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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    Hi interested in D and D new to Fantasy Grounds and need a GM for learning and training. Hence the need for paying as I need like a teacher. Can you be my Obi Wan Kenobi?

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