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    Chat Frames and Chat Window

    How do I drag text from a story book and place it in the chat window or assign it to an NPC? If I go to a page in the story book and right click a paragraph I can select the “Paragraph Types” button and then select “Chat Frames” from there I could get a selection for “Assign Speaker” but I do not know how to use this and I also do not know how to drag the text that is in the “Chat Frame” on to the chat window. Any suggestions?

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    Text that is in the chat frame you just drag and drop onto the chat window. When you move the mouse cursor over your chat frame text you should get a hand cursor.

    There is a couple of different ways to assign speaker to frame text. I'm going to give you a simple one.

    1) Before typing anything - Right click use the radial menu and select "Chat Frame". This will give you an empty box.

    2) Type in the text you want the NPC to say.

    3) Press the tab key. The cursor should jump to the start of the text.

    4) Type in the name of the NPC. If things are working correctly you should see the name appear then a "space" and then the text.

    This way was the simiplest to explain but there are several ways to do it.

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    Hey thanks for the relpy got it to work with your help. One thing I needed to do when I put a "Chat Frame" around text in the story book was to first close the page once I put the frame on the text that I wanted. When I reopened up the story book page I would get the hand coursor and was able to drag it to the chat window.

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    Alternatively you can right click and choose "Exit Edit Mode", then you dont have to close/reopen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaineCoon
    Alternatively you can right click and choose "Exit Edit Mode", then you dont have to close/reopen.
    Cool thanks for the info

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    Important Explaination

    Assign Speaker must me dropped into the chat log area, not the chat text entry area to display the speaker's name.

    The rest of the post, should be read with chat log area substituted for chat window.
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