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    Savage Worlds Invulnerable

    I am trying to make a Savage Rifts Mummy and am hitting a brick wall for how to implement their Invulnerability to most damage types. I figured out how to reduce incoming damage, but if I do this the Mummy never gets shaken (which should still be possible with the Mummy's form of Invulnerable). Is there a way to set a damage cap or reduce the wounds they would suffer before applying them? I think either would accomplish the same result.

    Also so far it seems all the effects are based on what Keyword is queried. Is it possible to setup the effect for which Keyword is not queried? Would be easier to make the Mummy invulnerable to everything that is Not Fire, Plasma, Explosive; compared to individually listing everything it is invulnerable to (and if you ever add another damage type would need to update every instance of Invulnerable to include the new type).


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    To be honest all I do is cancel the damage in the combat tracker when a monster gets hit if it is immune to it, or reduce the number as required, works and isn't too slow.
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    Sometimes the simple solution is the quickest; not sure why I didn't think of this. Just need to remember which NPCs have invulnerabilities and to what. Thankfully the Hardy edge is working as expected and prevents subsequent shaken results from turning into damage. Also found out you can right-click on the damage and set it to Nonlethal so it adds a knock out effect.

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