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    <Divine Illusion> LF DND members

    Hello everyone,

    Are you new to DND? Or do you need help getting started in DND? Or do you just like to roleplay with new people? Divine Illusion is a multigame guild in which people help each other to succeed and push one another to be better. The guild does offer a lot of things besides DND; we offer other games people may be interested in playing. Every three months, Divine Illusion enlist in new games based on a poll. Whatever game wins the vote, that game will be implemented within the next month.

    Not convincing enough. If a guild member picked the game that was voted on, they would be groomed for a GM position within the guild than eventually can be a Legion Officer. Still not convincing? Divine Illusion is always active in every game we play around the clock, so it does not matter what time zone you are in; there will always be someone to play or help you when needed, and we have about 80 members in discord. Awesome right????

    The guild has been around for one year and has two games on staff that are fully loaded with members, officers, and GM’s to help anyone out at any given time. The games we currently play are ESO & DND. We do offer discord, and we encourage discord.

    DND is relatively new to our guild. We are currently looking for DM’s, officers, and members to run fantasy grounds for our guild. Eventually, we do want to try Roll22, but we want to get sessions going a couple of times a month before we continue down that road.

    If you are interested or want more information, you can add me as a friend on steam or response to this forum post, which than I will give you access to our discord and more information about the guild.

    (Not sure if this was the correct place to put this post)

    Hope to see everyone around 

    Steam Friend Code: 52412798
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