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    [COVID Games] 5E 19:00 UTC Monday 23rd March Treasure Hunt

    Title: Treasure Hunt (Monday 23rd March 12:00 PM)
    FG ruleset: 5E
    License type needed: Demo license only needed
    Start time and date and time zone: 12:00 Pacific / 15:00 Eastern / 19:00 UK time
    Duration: Approx 4-5 hours link:
    Voice comm requirements: Discord
    Other requirements: None. Pregenerated characters will be provided. Minimum of 4 players required.

    "Separately and collectively, you've all fallen into the hands of pirate slavers".

    This will be 5e rules but run in a slightly more old school way. Prepare to be creative. You start with no inventory and must fight to survive.

    Important Notes - Read these

    1. We will not be using Unity.
    2. Make sure that you have updated the client to the latest version (if the Check For Updates button is red - press it).
    3. I would ask that you join the session at least a half hour before the start time to allow for the relevant files to be downloaded.
    4. We'll use the official Smiteworks Discord channel for voice. We will shoot for game channel 10. Post your interest in the thread below. I will provide login details when in discord chat on day of.
    5. Make sure that you click the link above for the Date and Time so that you know what time the game starts in your time zone.

    Here are the characters that will be available.

    1. Alhelor / Alhellara of Barret's Quay - High Elf Wizard
    2. Demin / Demis of Ventris - Human Ranger
    3. Gare / Gara of Caer Allisynn - Dwarf Cleric
    4. Gofus / Gofin of Chawdik - Rock Gnome Artificer
    5. Lythandar / Lythandra of Highport - Half Elf Bard
    6. Marak / Mara of Caftenor - Human Fighter
    7. Pretos / Pretis of Rabin's Reef - Human Rogue
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    Are you still looking for people?

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    I'd be interested in playing your cleric or rogue
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    i am cool with playing whatever is left or the wizard will be fine by me if its still available

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    can I join as the human ranger if it isn't taken?

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    sorry not meaning to spam the comments I didn't reply I just posted so I'm not sure if you would get notified. I would like to join this game as Demin the human ranger if there is still spaces.

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    Liam, you make four.
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