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    5E One Shot - The Hoverstones and the Flying Fortress

    FG License: GM has Standard. Will be using Unity.

    Game System: Dungeons and Dragons 5E

    Time Zone: Central Daylight Time (CDT), UTC -5

    Day of week and time: Tentative on a Saturday (depends what the group decides when players are accepted and enter the discord)

    Planned Duration & Frequency: Should be 1 good long session. If it gets broken into 2 that is fine, just understand that is a possiblity.

    Term: One-Shot

    Text or Voice: Both

    Voice software used: Discord

    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 50-50, it has puzzle-solving and survival, but there are plenty of combat encounters.

    Number of Players in game & needed: 3. I will DM and I have a friend that will play, making the party total 4.

    Character starting level & equipment: LVL 5 and will remain 5 through one shot.

    Character restrictions: Anything from PHB, SCAG, and XGE.

    Scenario: The evil sorcerer Frankenstein is terrorizing the land with his Flying Fortress. The Fortress moves daily. A giant thunder cloud underneath the fortress puts everything in danger of getting hit by lightning. The good mage Warthog has a plan to build a flying ship to invade the fortress, and Warthog's friend Gin has offered her ship to be converted. The only thing missing are some hover stones. Hoverstones are about the size of a fist and look like ordinary rocks except for the runes carved on them. But when an electric current runs through them, the stones, and anything attached to it, will start to float in the air. A total of four hover stones can be found in the land, Warthog will provide all he details.

    Note: This is all about having fun and playing D&D. All players will be screened and chosen by myself to ensure all players jive well and everyone has fun. Upon selection you will be given access to the discord channel specifically for this one shot to work out times, details, and initially meet and greet with the rest of the party. Have fun adventures.
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    I am interested in some one shot games!

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    Hey there Micah thanks for the response. Could you PM me the race and class of the character you would Like to play.

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    Glad to play!

    I'd be glad to join. Will play any race/class needed.

    My resume:
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    Jarnor. Private message sent.

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    This is interesting! I'd love to play.

    I'm available on most Saturday's.

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    @dram I am glad to hear that. Can you PM me your discord so I can get you in there with the rest of the group

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    are there any spots left? if so I would be interested

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    As of right now yes. Thanks for the interest.

    Could you please PM me the character info that you would like to play.


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