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    Looking to start, need some info

    (copied from the general forum, initially wasn't sure where best to post)

    I grabbed a copy of Fantasy Grounds, and copies for a few friends, years ago, never got around to using them.
    Finally trying to get that Pathfinder (1st edition) game going, the Hell's Rebels adventure path, and trying to figure out what it is I would need. I'd rather not go on a book-buying spree since I already bought all the physical books and most of the digital ones, so buying anything a third time if unnecessary is not appealing.

    I assume I'd need the Pathfinder core ruleset (though I could've sworn it said it included that when I bought it on Steam). And the books for the Adventure Path itself. Perhaps expansion books if any of the characters are using options from those books? Will I need the various Bestiaries, or should the monsters in the adventure all be included in the adventure books? Will my players all also need the core ruleset and any expansion books their characters are using?

    Anything else notable I should know?

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    Monsters/NPCs should be included in the AP modules. You say you bought digital books it might be worth linking your paizo account to FG as you get a discount of FG modules for which there is a corresponding PDF. Likewise when you buy an FG module for which there is a corresponding Paizo PDF you get that added to your Paizo account.

    Forgot to say, only the GM needs the core rules and expansion books. GM can share them to the players.
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