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    Okay, continuing my quest through the system and I've run into a very thorny snag. I wanted to assault my test players with a Lich. There were 2 problems that I ran into. The Death Touch didn't seem to work at all. I'd target a PC, throw the attack, it would hit, but I couldn't do damage. Secondly, how do I add Powers to a NPC? I don't seem to be able to modify any of the premade NPCs that came with SWADE. Any help is very much appreciated.
    You can change any premade NPC, but depending on the module, you might need to make COPY of the original NPC to make it editable. You can make copies of any record in NPC list by starting to drag and dropping it back to the list. When you have made the copy you can unlock it and edit it to whatever you want.
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    Hey Ikael, I appreciate the time, sincerely. I'm afraid I didn't quite understand your instructions about making copies of an NPC. All the stuff, at least in the core rules, seem to be completely and utterly locked, or at least the little icon in the upper left would indicate so. There doesn't seem to be any way to unlock it.

    I'm also watching Eric L.'s excellent video on GM prep but I notice he's using an older version of FG. He's grouping NPCs, but the same technique doesn't seem to be working for me. Holding down ALT and clicking on what I'm guessing is the grouping icon doesn't seem to work.

    Never mind. It's CTR now, isn't it. Self learning. Huh.
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    A question about Modifiers as well. I'm working on my Deadlands Hell on Earth setting, using your extension to input everything. So, for something like Rad Resistant where the PC would get a +4 bonus to Vigor when exposed to radiation, would modifier be:

    @radiation Vigor +4

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    If I may hijack this thread a little, because I am also a bloody noob: I use SWD and on my battlemap it shows an option to "use SWADE chase rules" - will that work and how?
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