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    Looking for Group for a Sunday campaign PF2

    My wife and I are looking to join a PF2 campaign on Sundays. I am brand new to Fantasy Grounds and want a group in which I can learn the platform while playing a laid-back Pathfinder 2.0 campaign.

    Alternately, I would be interested in running a very casual D&D 5e campaign if I can find a small group of like-minded players that wants to campaign through the quarantine. I can DM, if you can not take the game too seriously.

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    Hello, I am interested in joining a campaign. I am familiar with 5e and PF, but I have never played PF2. I am very new to FG, so I might need some pointers. I enjoy playing all types of characters and a good balance between role playing and combat.

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    I'm down for a Sunday game. New to here.

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    I should also like to express my interest in PF2E as a player here.

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    I'd be interested in a PF2 or a 5e campaign, as well.

    If there's enough interest, and folks are willing, it may be the perfect opportunity for a 'new to Fantasy Grounds' only type of group. Where we all learn the software together.

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    Hey all, I too am new to Fantasy Grounds. I have experience with D&D 5E, and have played around 3 sessions of PF2E, depending on the time I'd love to link up and learn Fantasy Grounds and possibly PF2E.

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    hey all, also fantasy ground and pf2 2 newbie though i do have about 15 years exp playing pf1 been looking to get a group together to learn the ropes of pf2 i have some experience dming and could do so but it would obviously be best if the dm wasn't also new to the system but if y'all were fine with a bit of muddling through the new rules together i would happily dm

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    I'd be very interested in joining in on a group like this, for PF2E or 5E. Very new to FG and a group like this sounds perfect for learning the program and getting back into gaming.
    I have both FG classic and Unity, because I thought my buddies were all going to jump all in too, while classic was on sale, and... they didn't. I figured I might as well get the discount on Unity and future proof myself at the same time. Sundays are perfect, however I'm also available in the evenings on weekdays PDT (I mean for the moment I'm available all day everyday, but my job is considered 'essential' so I anticipate being called back in some capacity in the coming days so evenings is best).

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    Oops wrong thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alzarian Crimson View Post
    Wow, thanks for all the interest! I've had to consider people on a first come first serve style basis and the applications are closed for the moment.

    I'll let you know if things change!

    Think you replied to the wrong post.
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