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    PFS 2 - 01.11 The Flames of Rebellion Tuesday March 24th 14:00 GMT

    Please read If this is your first Game with me or Pathfinder 2 society

    Please schedule around 4 1/2 hours for the game (a bit more if there are several new players).

    Character creation in PFS2.

    Quite a lot of character options in newer books just became PFS2 legal

    If this is your first PFS2 game on this particular character, I will need to know your Paizo Organized Play #, your character #, your faction and your current gold (after character creation). You can either put it in the notes tab or send it to me some other way (see below).

    If you already played this character, please send me your last chronicle sheet so I know the information mentioned above as well as chronicle #, reputation, XP and fame.

    I can have the server up for you to build your character either UTC weeknight evening or possibly on the weekend (though be aware not all books are on FG yet).

    If you need a pregen please notify me in advance!

    In your own interest, make sure the party is somewhat balanced level-wise.

    If you can, please try to send me your character 24 hours before the game so I can review any relevant rules.

    About the scenario:

    A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1–4 (Subtiers 1–2 and 3–4).

    01.11 The Flames of Rebellion

    Flames of Rebellion takes place primarily in Diggen’s Rest, an old watchtower on the border of Andoran and Galt. Once part of old Imperial Cheliax, Diggen’s Rest has been part of Cheliax, Andoran, Galt, and Taldor over the years, though none of those nations has shown particular interest in the tower in centuries.

    By Michael Sayre

    Technical details:

    We will use Fantasy Grounds (I have an Ultimate license) and Discord

    Steps before the game:

    Make sure to both apply here as well as in the game calendar, stating which character you'd like to play.

    If you apply, make sure you send me your previous chronicle sheet of the character you want to apply this chronicle to (if you already have any chronicle sheet) either here or on Discord (Fantasy Grounds channel). If it is your first PFS2 game, I'll at least need your Paizo Organized Play # and your faction.

    If you haven't already, also make sure to either build the character on FG yourself (and send it to me) or log in early enough so you can do so on game day.

    Make sure you have updated Fantasy Grounds.

    FG alias can be found under GM announcements in the game calendar.

    Some boilerplate clarifications:

    Please apply on the FG forums on both the game calendar as well as in the game thread (if multiple household members are playing, one person per household is sufficient). First, it's easier to tell how many spots are already filled that way. Second, the other players (as well as the GM) know what level and class to expect from your character (if you don't know yet, simply state TBD). Third, you'll get notified about any updates if you post in the game thread (at least about the first one). Fourth, it allows the GM to determine who applied first should it become relevant. Some exceptions might apply.

    Also, please be sure to check the thread for new messages occasionally. You don't have to check each and every day or every few hours but please make sure to reply to any posts that do concern you in time. Should you remain unresponsive, I'll give the spot to a player that applied after you (as I won't know whether you are still interested in participating or not). Exceptions might apply, e.g. if you state beforehand that you won't be able to respond due to traveling.

    If you apply but don't show up or drop out during the game without notice, in future games I might also give preference to other players who have a better track record of showing up. I am aware though that life and technical problems can always happen, so don't worry if you have a valid reason though.

    These rules are not in place to prevent players from playing but in fact to enable players willing to play to actually do so. It's frustrating if I have to turn down players if it turns out they would in fact have been able to play.

    Copied from Stephan cause i am lazy
    Ultimate Licence Holder - it only took 5 years but I started to GM in FG in 2019

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    I'm in and brining Alarion !

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    I'm in, bringing Jamihr, currently unknown what class/level ect, Horizon hunters faction most likely?. Player ID #2386691

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    Hi, I'm Daniel and I'm bringing Ragnar, Warpriest of Pharasma and destroyer of Undeads. Player/Char ID #345767-2001
    Daniel Salles de Araújo

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    welcome everyone we have a minimum table
    Ultimate Licence Holder - it only took 5 years but I started to GM in FG in 2019

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    I'll play as well. Bringing a rogue 3.
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    - Abraham Lincoln

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    For best results, don't fail.

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    Unfortunately I'll have to drop. Sorry for the short notice.
    Daniel Salles de Araújo

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    I'll be playing Tyranis, a Level 1 Half Elf Alchemist. Player/Character ID is #2374610-2002.

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    To all please make sure you send me your character numebr if you havent posted it here
    Ultimate Licence Holder - it only took 5 years but I started to GM in FG in 2019

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    If you've got the room I would like to bring Hoodoo Human Bard Level 1 - 2377124-2001

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