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    Installing a Bundle

    Hi Everyone:

    Sorry if this is an old topic; I just got here and I'm trying to figure this out.

    I just purchased the basic bundle. I logged in and did the update as described in the e-mail. I still have no modules available to upload in my library.

    Did I miss something?


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    Hey Rum, Welcome! No problem.

    So I assume you bought your bundle from the FG Store and not Steam? If you bought from Steam you need to link your account.

    I assume you mean the D&D 5E Essentials bundle? (only matters in terms of what type of campaign you have to create/start.)

    From teh FG launch screen, what version and license shows in the upper right corner? You want to make sure it does not show "... Free" as that means you did not get your license key recognized.

    If you see Free, then go into settings and enter your license key again. Then once it removes the Free tag, run an update.

    If your license is already accepted, then when you start a 5E campaign and go to Library > Modules do you see anything?

    Let us know if that doesn't resolve, and please include screenshots so we can make sure to direct you accurately.

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    Thanks LordEntrails:

    Turns out you're right; my Ultimate license wasn't accepted. I've tried a dozen times following the directions provided and it still doesn't load/authenticate/whatever.

    This has been an issue for almost two weeks now and I'm about at the end of my rope with FG. Nothing has worked like it's supposed to.

    Thanks for your help; I truly appreciate your help.
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    Send an email to [email protected] and explain your problem with your license key. They can check it on their system and hopefully get you working.
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    Thanks, I'll drop them a line.

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    I have no answer to your question. I just wanted to give you a thumbs up on your Ingold avatar

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    Make sure your license is teh for the client type - Unity vs Classic - that you have installed.

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