5E Storm Kings Thunder Playlist
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  1. #41

    • Token selection ring adjusted to use percentage of token size.
    • Token arrow key movement on isometric grids angled 45 degrees.
    • If mouse leaves image view while moving token, token is reset to pre-drag position.
    • Added tooltips to image layer visibility icons.
    • Scrollbars not appearing when first opening windows. Fixed.
    • Lists not updating other child window positions correctly when deleting child windows. Fixed.
    • Single line text fields not scrolling horizontally when exceeding field size. Fixed.
    • Unable to resize image tile until rotated. Fixed.
    • Edited module image records not preserving distance information. Fixed.
    • Token widgets block token mouse interactions. Fixed.
    • Token widget tooltips not displaying. Fixed.
    • Tokens unable to be dragged at low zoom levels. Fixed.
    • Token LoS not updated when first adding player token to map. Fixed.
    • Players can not see other players' drawings. Fixed.
    • Player isometric grid size does not match GM grid size. Fixed.

  2. #42

    • Implement Return to Launcher tabletop radial menu option.
    • Implement /reload command for GM hosting mode with no players connected.
    • Selecting layer in Layers mode will scroll image data control layer list to selection.
    • Cloud server match not being cleared on exit or return to launcher. Fixed.
    • Subwindows not showing scrollbars when first initialized. Fixed.
    • Layout incorrect for windows with built-in margins. Fixed.
    • Windows with controls anchored below bottom of default window size would not initially appear. Fixed.
    • Player state information not being saved on exit. Fixed.
    • Character import from other non-local campaigns not working. Fixed.
    • Image data control layer list scrollbar not working correctly when UI scaled. Fixed.
    • Unable use stamp tool on images that had been flipped. Fixed.
    • Color adjustments in stamp tool only applied to preview, but not subquently applied stamps. Fixed.
    • Using undo while in stamp tool would prevent stamping. Fixed.

  3. #43

    • Modified window share/unshare to be submenu allowing re-sharing or un-sharing, instead of either/or option.
    • Image view for active LoS/FoW/mask records updated to black for player clients. (similar to GM)
    • Desktop menu exit submenu text updated to "Exit Session".
    • Multi-line text fields are not able to be scrolled when larger than display area. Fixed.
    • Image data control layers list would incorrectly scroll off the bottom. Fixed.
    • Image layers would change order on reload. Fixed.
    • Image center rotation layer handle incorrectly placed after stamping image tile. Fixed.
    • Image paint stamps not blending correctly. Fixed.
    • Players could incorrectly move shared shortcuts on images. Fixed.
    • Exception error when using image painting eraser tool. Fixed.
    • Token text widgets blank after reloading or loading new tabletop session. Fixed.
    • Exception error for text fields in Portals third party extension. Fixed.
    • [DEV] DB handler paths updated to ignore extra periods in path.
    • [DEV] Added widget.setEnabled API (to match FGC)

  4. #44
    NOTE: Update was temporarily rolled back, due to issues with new network library that didn't show up in test environment. Removed network changes, and re-pushed.


    • Improvements to text clarity when using UI scaling.
    • Image grid made easier to see.
    • Token text widgets were not displaying ellipses on text longer than defined text region. Fixed.
    • Door/terrain regions not color highlighting when hovering. Fixed.
    • Unable to use mouse handles to scale image layers rotated 90 degrees in some situations. Fixed.
    • Image paint stamp tool sometimes stamps old asset after replacing an asset in paint toolbar. Fixed.
    • Image loading reordering layers in some scenarios. Fixed.
    • Deleting last image layer did not update image display. Fixed.
    • [2E] CT actions list did not collapse vertically as window resized. Fixed to match FGC behavior.
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  5. #45

    • Updater/installer missing code signing certificate. Fixed.

  6. #46
    NOTE: Since these updates required us to change network behavior, we are moving the previous Live version to the Prev channel; and the GM and all players will need to be on the same version to connect to each other.


    • New FG Light and FG Dark theme extensions added.
    • Token locking added. (Use right-click menu or image data control to enable.)
    • Grid snap toggle button added to image data control play mode toolbar.
    • Grid lines toned down from last adjustment.
    • Session backup files older than latest 10 backups and older than 30 days will be cleaned up.
    • Tokens duplicated on map when image record re-shared. Fixed.
    • Token text widgets not placed correctly when not horizontally centered. Fixed.
    • Pointer distances on square grids would return different results as pointer moved. Fixed.
    • Window positions for minimized/restored states not synched. Fixed to be centered on each other.
    • Text drawn too high when using UI scaling greater than 100%. Adjusted.
    • Object clean up error when returning to launcher or reloading after dragging PC portrait. Fixed.
    • Number fields had incorrect value when typing numbers with multiple decimal positions. Fixed.
    • Character portraits would not show up on player desktop when activating after returning to launcher. Fixed.
    • Idle/active/typing states on character portraits not working correctly. Fixed.
    • Link pin graphic missing on image links when large number of links on a map. Fixed.
    • Image grid snap settings not updating to player clients when toggled. Fixed.
    • Dragging unselected token would not unselect other tokens before applying movement. Fixed.
    • Painting on scaled painting layer would not scale new paint strokes correctly. Fixed.
    • Tinting using Layers mode toolbar on selected painting layer would not work. Fixed.
    • GM session closes when cloud broker connection lost. Now retains session, but players still need to reconnect.
    • Networking library improvements to handle more broker/relay connection issues.
    • [LINUX] Mouse wheel direction reversed. Fixed.
    • [MAC] System beep triggers would spike CPU utilization. Fixed.
    • [4E] NPC power text on main NPC sheet would not show line feeds. Fixed.
    • [DEV] DB.deleteChildren/getChildren/getChildCount updated to support a single databasenode parameter.
    • [DEV] Support for ruleset description.displayname and description.displayversion added.
    • [DEV] Module.getModuleInfo was returning incorrect value for name element. Fixed.
    • [DEV] windowinstance.setSize worked differently than FGC when window minimized. Adjusted.
    • [DEV] stringcontrol.getValue would strip line feeds for non multi-line fields, unlike FGC. Updated.
    • [DEV] Multiple window class merges in ruleset or extension layers would prevent script loading in some cases. Fixed.

  7. #47

    • Modified token locking movement path modifier key to Alt key (to avoid conflict with Control key grid snap override)
    • NPC token movement paths are shown in both GM and player views. (Player shared movement paths to come next.)
    • Improved token animation speed when image data control open.
    • Improved token movement path waypoint/endpoint collapse logic when dragging waypoints.
    • Token movement waypoint/endpoint text is now resized to fit available space.
    • Modified image mouse wheel handling to require Shift key to rotate tokens, otherwise standard image zooming is performed.
    • Lobby client code rewritten to provide more stable connection to lobby server. (Separate than cloud/relay connections.)
    • Formatted text link text being clipped when dropping another link. Fixed.
    • Tokens shown in different locations on GM and player when token lock movement path crossed more than one wall. Fixed.
    • Tokens unable to be moved when turning on token locking on empty map until grid toolbar viewed. Fixed.
    • Token end point larger than map in some rulesets and situations. Fixed.
    • Token movement path arrowhead not always shown when there is enough room to draw. Fixed.
    • Token movement path distance calculation not correct on hex grids. Fixed.
    • Image grid color dialog not initializing with the correct color. Fixed.
    • [CoreRPG+] FG Light and Dark theme backgrounds not tiling correctly. Fixed.

  8. #48

    • Visual update to pointers, targeting arrows, and selection rings.
    • New wall types added to line-of-sight feature (windows, illusionary walls, and pits). (Pits are experimental, and may change behavior.)
    • Added View > Zoom To Fill option to image control right-click menu.
    • Improve Synch Client View option to synch other windows showing same image.
    • Pressing Escape while dragging token for planned movement will now cancel action.
    • In image paint mode, Control + mouse wheel will scale the brush size.
    • In image paint mode, Shift + mouse wheel will rotate the brush.
    • When tokens selected in Play mode, Shift + left/right arrow key will rotate tokens.
    • Asset grid size information now used when dropping assets directly on image.
    • Waypoint text not visible on first waypoint in planned token movement. Fixed.
    • Planned token movement shown for tokens that are not visible. Fixed.
    • Hex grid target distance not correct. Changed to match token movement path distance calculation.
    • ISO grid token movement path distance not correct. Fixed.
    • Target multi-select tool did not select all tokens in region on host. Fixed.
    • Mouse wheel did not zoom image on player client when over unowned token. Fixed.
    • Image layers displayed in different order on player when shared. Fixed.
    • Token movement path blocked on empty image. Fixed.
    • Tokens could sometimes disappear if current token action cancelled and token lock off. Fixed.
    • LoS incorrect in some scenarios when looking out of terrain region. Fixed.
    • End key in formatted text chat box goes to end of next paragraph. Fixed.
    • [MAC] Mouse wheel did not work when holding Shift key. Fixed.
    • [CoreRPG+] Calendar window did not show all months after resetting. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Loading error when using backslash (instead of forward slash) for file names in .pak and .ext files. Fixed.
    Last edited by Moon Wizard; October 9th, 2020 at 03:27.

  9. #49

    • Assets window redesigned with dynamic paging, bigger buttons, and a preview window on double click.
    • Players can see movement paths added by other players, in addition to GM movement paths.
    • Players can see other players' dice rolls.
    • Text is sharper at different UI scales.
    • Improved cloud connection handling of cloud facilitation server connections.
    • Multi-select with Control and Shift key behaviors added to image data control layers list.
    • Update window minimize/restore position to match FGC behavior when toggling.
    • Token animation speed for movement paths improved on complex maps.
    • In the image data control, choosing an FX option in FX mode will create a new FX layer, if no FX layer currently selected.
    • Support added for grayscale mode PNG files in portraits.
    • [CoreRPG+] Token auto-scaling option improved to fit in ISO grid type better.
    • Dice launch speed too fast. Fixed.
    • System sounds incorrectly disabled when dice sound disabled. Fixed.
    • Token planned movement end point showed token at different rotation on ISO grid. Fixed.
    • Selection would not work on image data control after moving layers in some scenarios. Fixed.
    • Errors when attempting to draw multiple pointers on an image. Fixed.
    • Multi-layer images did not present on player clients correctly after undoing layer moves. Fixed.
    • Deleting points on a closed polygon wall blocker would cause strange behavior. Fixed.
    • Some tokens unable to be targeted by host using target selection tool. Fixed.
    • Using End key with Shift and Control modifiers did not work as expected in formatted text fields. Fixed.
    • Seams could sometimes be seen in large maps. Fixed.
    • [CoreRPG+] Read only export option not marking records correctly as read only. Fixed.
    • [MAC/LINUX] Mouse wheel speed too slow. Improved.
    • [DEV] Comm.throwDice will now rebuild individual dice data if only "expr" provided.
    • [DEV] /debug on|off slash command added to show mouse hover details. (Experimental)
    • [DEV] Module.export ignored node attributes specified for top level nodes. Fixed.
    • [DEV][CoreRPG+] ActionsManager script updated to allow rolls that only specify "expr" to be passed through standard roll process (not just rolls with individual dice data)
    Last edited by Moon Wizard; October 17th, 2020 at 05:36.

  10. #50

    • Text is sharper at different UI scales. (from yesterday's update)
    • [SFRPG] Updated to support new Assets window layout.

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