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    The Fantasy Trip

    I'm working on a ruleset for Steve Jackson Games' The Fantasy Trip.

    Right now, I'm using the GURPS ruleset as a base and hacking it.

    Just interested to see if anyone else is or has done similar work, so as to avoid duplication of effort.

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    Updated: Version 1.12

    The Fantasy Trip - Ready For Testing!

    Many thanks to Ronnke (Brian Ronnle), who did the heavy lifting by creating the GURPS Ruleset, which I used as the base for the TFT ruleset. If I'd had to create everything from scratch as he did, I wouldn't have gotten nearly as far. Additionally, not only did he give his blessing to use his ruleset as a base, but he helped me out quite a bit in developing this one to a functional state.

    This is an unofficial ruleset created in compliance with the Steve Jackson Games Online Policy, GMs will have to manually create monsters, skills, spells, items, etc. for their campaigns. Advanced features like automatically adding levels of Missile Weapons to adjDX for ranged weapons, dropping a race onto a character sheet and having its racial attributes added automatically, etc., would require SJG's blessing to build those things in. I did have a brief conversation with Steve J on the TFT Discord server, and he said he'd take a look at it when it's in a state fit for presentation, so fingers crossed, maybe someday he'll give permission to include this as a decal.

    Please test it, poke at it, and play with it. I am more than happy to receive bug reports, feature requests, and suggestions for layout changes. That said, I cannot promise how much more work I can do on it or how quickly. If anyone is interested in contributing, PM me and I will share the GitHub repository where I have the code hosted. (If I get enough contributors, I may make the repo public.)

    ETA: Constantly re-editing this post is a pain, so see the latest post in this thread for the most recent version.
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    Excellent. Thanks to both you and Ronnke for all the great work making Fantasy Grounds usable for TFT and GURPS players.

    I hope SJGames gives the greenlight to make a more fully integrated ruleset for VTTs.

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    Excellent news and thanks so much for keeping TFT alive and available on platforms such as this

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    Well done AmadanNaBriona

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    Well done Ronnke and Bofinger too!

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    Version 1.1

    Changes made: Initiative bonus for leaders now applies to init rolls.
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    Version 1.2

    Inventory sheet now calculates Encumbrance values, and adjusts MA and adjDX.

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    Version 1.3

    Just a small change - manually added & removed armor/shields will now update the character's adjDX/MA/Hits Stopped fields properly.

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    Great work folks. I have been fiddling with test campaigns in both Fantasy Grounds and FG Unity.
    This ruleset for TFT works on both. The launcher throws a few non-critical errors on Unity.
    Is this the best place to report them?

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